Passions for Barbara Broadcast

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It was fantastic meeting so many fans of classic adult film at our screening of Radley Metzger’s 1977 classic, Barbara Broadcast. And it was a surprise to find a lovely poster for the event in the Grand Illusion lobby.

For those curious to learn more about the film, the distribpix DVD contains hours of bonus materials including commentary tracks, interviews, slideshows, a booklet of essays, and more. It is a really nice release.

The Rialto Report spent 80 minutes discussing Barbara Broadcast with porn scholar Laura Marks, and actors Peter Andrews (the waiter) and Michael Guant (the business man with a lunchtime appointment).

Watch for the announcement of our December screening of The Passions of Carol (1975).


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Long Haul with photos

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It was fantastic meeting so many fans of erotic film at tonight’s TWIST screening of The Long Haul Live with the Buckaroos. Tonight was the first time that I’ve spoken about pornography from a stage overlooking hundreds of folks.


T-Bone Tucker Long Haul Trucker stopped by our table.

Support erotic film. Erotic cinema is revolutionary cinema.


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