Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice @ The Grand Illusion Cinema
Dec 14 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Presented by the Seattle Erotic Cinema Society
Paul Mazursky / 1969, USA
105min / 35mm

Taking sharp, right-on satirical jabs at the late-’60s vogue for wife-swapping and the spouting of vague psycho-babble, this notorious (in its time) sex comedy, set in California, tells the story of four friends who decide to cut loose and experiment with sexual freedom. Bob and Carol consider themselves a free-thinking modern couple in step with the times. Both freely see other lovers and even smoke a little dope. Their closest friends are the stuffy Ted and Alice who cannot understand the free-wheeling ways of Bob and Carol who in turn cannot understand why Ted and Alice are always so uptight. The erotic hijinks begin when the four friends attend a special sex workshop and decide to try their hands at a foursome.

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SECS Presents Shortbus @ Grand Illusion Cinema
Jan 18 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Presented by Seattle Erotic Cinema Society
John Cameron Mitchell / 2006, USA
101min / 35mm

From the director of ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ comes SHORTBUS, an exploration into the lives of several characters living in New York as they navigate the comic and tragic intersections between love and (unsimulated) sex. Male and female, straight and gay, the characters find one another – and eventually find themselves – when they all converge at a weekly underground salon called “Shortbus,” a mad world of art, music, politics, and polysexual carnality.


SHOWTIMES: Thursday, January 18 – 7 pm @ Grand Illusion Cinema





SECS presents: 9 1/2 Weeks @ Grand Illusion Cinema
Feb 14 @ 6:45 pm – 8:45 pm
SECS presents: 9 1/2 Weeks @ Grand Illusion Cinema

9-1/2 Weeks

Adrian Lyne / 1986, USA
118min / digital

A man. A Woman. And an attraction that became an obsession. Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger take you on an erotic odyssey in this steamy story of a love affair that breaks every sexual taboo. Director Adrian Lyne (Fatal Attraction) creates “the most sexualized relationship seen in years” (Vanity Fair) in a lushly photographed rendition of secret fantasies and desires that come vividly to life on screen. Set against the high-tech backdrop of Manhattan, 9 1/2 Weeks is the length of the affair between Elizabeth, a beautiful art dealer, and John, the man who becomes her lover and changes irrevocably the course of her life. After a tantalizing initial encounter, John charts the course of their sensual journey together in a deadly serious game of sexual dominance, unlocking the door to hidden dreams, pain and ecstasy.

Wednesday 6:45pm

SECS Presents: The Black Glove & Silken Sleeves @ The Grand Illusion Cinema
Apr 21 @ 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Two lesbian fetish films by Maria Beatty (Bleu Productions)

Maria Beatty (USA, 1996)
30 minutes

Imagine a kinky Louise Brooks, a sadistic Marlene Dietrich…
Reminiscent of the silent film era, a brooding aura of total sexual abandon is present in every breathtaking black and white shot of Beatty’s breakout fetish film. The willing submissive (Maria Beatty), whose haunting wide eyes and full parted lips recall the classic silent screen goddesses Pola Negri and Louise Brooks, gives into the escalation of pleasure and pain as viewers witness up-close the charisma of erotic noir.

Maria Beatty (USA, 2006)
50 minutes

With a gorgeous lingering eye, Beatty leads the viewer through four seasons of dominance and submission. Midori, by turns playful and cruel, captures, overpowers, and binds the butterfly, Mayan, whose struggles avail her nothing in the presence of Midori’s rope-welding expertise. Immobilized, Mayan inevitably succumbs to her own desires – only to be set free once she has been fully satisfied. Bondage lovers who are already fans of Midori’s ingenious talents will be captivated and thrilled, and those who’ve wondered why others find bondage so appealing will learn the answer in these lush and exotic scenes. (Warning: non-consensual bondage)

**No one under 18 admitted*

Take It Out in Trade @ Grand Illusion Cinema
May 24 @ 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Take It Out in Trade @ Grand Illusion Cinema

Ed Wood (USA, 1970)
80 min

Presented by AGFA + Something Weird Video + SECS

Edward D. Wood, Jr. was the filmmaker behind PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and the author of hundreds of novels, including KILLER IN DRAG. He was a pall-bearer at Bela Lugosi’s funeral. Wood fought in the Pacific Ocean theater during World War II while wearing a bra and panties under his uniform. Basically, there will never be another hero like Ed Wood. And there will never be another movie like TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE. Unseen for almost fifty years, this is a surreal sexploitation detective comedy that would feel right at home on a triple-bill with John Waters’s MULTIPLE MANIACS and Russ Meyer’s THE IMMORAL MR. TEAS. With delirious narration by Wood himself, positive depictions of LGBTQ relationships, and a miraculous role by Ed Wood in drag as “Alecia,” TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE is a joyous swan song from one of the most seminal exploitation filmmakers of all time.

Content Warning: This movie contains full frontal nudity and simulated depictions of consensual sex.

*No one under 18 admitted*

SECS Presents BIJOU (1972) @ Grand Illusion Cinema
Jun 21 @ 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Wakefield Poole (1972, USA)
75 minutes

Acclaimed director Wakefield Poole (Boys in the Sand) set a new standard for explicit gay cinema with his second feature BIJOU in 1972. Surreal and trippy, the film follows a construction worker (Bill Harrison) who witnesses a car accident and pockets the female victim’s purse in which he discovers her invitation to a club named Bijou. There he enters a strange erotic world where dark fantasies becomes reality. A fever dream blending the erotic and the divine in equal parts, BIJOU is a psychosexual puzzle that rewards multiple viewings.

*No one under 18 admitted*