Be my First

Be my First

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A young Japanese girl riding the train posts a message from her phone to an online thread:

“I’m a high-school student and I’m a virgin, does anyone want to pay to be my first? It has to be tonight”


“It’s Complicated” Shorts Program –  September 10 – 2 PM – Grand Illusion Cinema

Director’s Biography

Philippe is an award-winning filmmaker born in Montreal, Canada.
Since graduating from the Mel-Hoppenheim School of Cinema he has been living and making films in Japan. His films explore multiple genres ranging from psychological-dramas, to period pieces and science fiction.

Beginning in 2010 with his short-film ARIA, made in his first-year at film-school, his films have been selected in festivals around the world and received multiple prizes and distinctions.
Since 2011 he has been based in Tokyo, Japan.

Additional Information

  • Runtime: 00:10:53
  • Philippe McKie / 2017 / Japan / Short
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