Cellular Activity: BEDTIME STORY

Cellular Activity: BEDTIME STORY

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The director, Neil Needleman, considered naming this video Naughty Nasty Movie, Orgy Loops, or Porno Pandemonium (very appropriate titles, all), but settled on Bedtime Story because it has a softer, gentler feeling—a feeling that this most unsubtle work otherwise lacks.

This video is part of his ongoing Cellular Activity series, videos that are based on looped “cells” that evolve and transform, usually on a single-frame level. A “cell” is a group of two or more shots—all very short, perhaps just a few frames each—that are repeated to form a visually rhythmic pattern. In this work, each cell almost always has four shots, with each shot ranging from one to ten frames each. The cells are mutated and transformed by extending or shortening each shot one frame at a time and by adding new shots one frame at a time or dissolved the new shots on at a slow rate until they overcome the shot they are replacing.

It’s really all about rhythm. I can’t play the drums and I can’t beat time with my hands or feet (in fact, I’m embarrassingly klutzy at any sense of physical/bodily rhythm), so I’ve compensated for this deficiency by fine-tuning my sense of visual rhythm.

My recycling of hardcore porn footage—mostly derived from old VHS tapes—seemed to be an appropriate (not to mention titillating) choice. After all, what is visually more rhythmic than the repeated thrusting and heaving motion that is explicitly on display in pornography?

This 6+ minute strand of constant orgiastic motion begins and ends with the same 4-shot cell (5 frames, 4 frames, 5 frames, 5 frames). My intention in doing this was to provide a point at which the work can form a seamless loop, theoretically going on and on and on forever, unlike the sex acts performed in the source material.


Sexperimental Short Films – September 9 – 4 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema

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  • Runtime: 00:06:15
  • Neil Needleman / 2015 / USA / experimental, short
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