Eros Diary

Eros Diary

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Filmmaker Morrison Gong scheduled to attend.


This frankly explicit film investigates the ecstasy, intimacy, and ambivalent emotions of sex and how it both does and doesn’t connect two people from different ethnic backgrounds.

Eros Diary won an award for Poetic Story Telling at the 2017 Tri-Co Film Festival.

Director’s Statement

Being born and raised in China, I’m an anxious foreigner in the United States. I try to find comfort in my lover, who’s half-Chinese, because we share ancestors. But at the same time, I find myself lost in translation. I hate that he can’t understand me, and I hate that I don’t hate the way he consumes me. This film compares and contrasts sex and food. Food satisfies me once, disappearing, becoming part of me, but when my lover consumes me, we become closer, my insecurities vanishing—while also remaining apart. I’m a stranger in this strange land, needing to consume and be consumed again and again.


Sexperimental Short Films – September 9 – 4pm – Grand Illusion Cinema

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