Four Play – Blue, Table, Water, Cello

Four Play – Blue, Table, Water, Cello

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A woman sits alone writing music. As her imagination leads to deeper inspiration, her music and her sexual imagination intertwine. This is the first of a series of films by amatory artist, musician and filmmaker Sarah Kershaw for her blog ‘PLAY ON’. To collaborate with her followers she asked them to send in four suggestions; a colour, an object, a piece of furniture and a soundtrack; to use as inspiration to explore explicit sexual imagery and expression on film.


Sexperimental Short Films – Saturday, September 9 – 4 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema

Director’s Biography

Sarah is brand new to creating films and she hopes this film will be the first of many. She has had a very colourful and organic journey up to this point, which has led her to venture into erotic filmmaking.

First of all Sarah is a musician. She graduated with a first class honours degree in classical piano and since then has been a successful freelance musician working not only as a classical performer, but also as a singer, a composer, an actress and an artist. She also plays with many bands, most notably as a member of cult performance pop orchestra The Irrepressibles who have performed all over the world. Other roles include performances for the Theo Adams Company, a Curious Invitation and as lead actress in a feature film Euphoryaa which is released this year.

She first became interested in creating work inspired by sex about three years ago when she became intrigued as to why there was not so much of it out there that appealed to her personally. Not knowing how to approach changing that she first began as an erotic model and now has a decent following on her tumblr blog PLAY ON, which is a very honest and personal account of her own sexuality as well as musings on the subject in general. She is passionate about the possibilities available in the erotic film genre and takes particular inspiration from how music can inform the erotic imagination and hopes to explore this further in her future filmmaking.

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