OH BOY: James (episode 3)

OH BOY: James (episode 3)

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Meet James Darling a pornographer from Los Angeles. Today is his birthday and he needs a break, some time away from the camera and the screen, to reflect on the past year and his successes. There is a park near his house that always relaxes his mind and gives him distance from the studio. On his return home he finds a package has been delivered. Upon closer inspection he sees the parcel is from his friend Xavier. Inside James finds a book he and “X” once saw at the magazine in San Francisco, mentioning then that this was one of his favorites, but he couldn’t afford it at the time. Obviously Xavier would know the perfect gift for this birthday boy. On seeing this book of erotic photos he seizes the moment to pleasure himself…


“It’s Complicated” (Shorts Program) – Sunday, September 10 – 2 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema

Director’s Biography

Damien Moreau is a filmmaker and photographer whose work explores intimacy and queer bodies and identity. His focus on sex reflects his belief in the important emotional and spiritual expression sex enables and its liberatory potential through experiences of jouissance. Moreau began his career as a pornographic model and soon became interested in directing in order to create and explore his own ideas about fantasy and desire. 

In 2015 Moreau debuted his cinematic mini-series OHBOY. The verbally sparse and visually lush masturbation vignettes of OHBOY invite a voyeuristic gaze into the private lives of its characters challenging assumptions about the transparent intelligibility of desire, sexuality and the self. Blurring distinctions between film and pornography OHBOY asks us to consider what sex on film looks like, invokes, complicates and how it positions its audience. 

His recent work, including the upcoming film Lust for Life, examines themes of freedom, utopianism, queer community and asociality. Turning to genres of science fiction and fantasy, Moreau continues to investigate how joy might be located and experienced in this world and one that pushes the limits of the imagination.

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  • Runtime: 00:10:49
  • Damien Moreau / 2015 / USA / short
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