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Psychotropical is a short film following Charlie after she takes an off-the-market psychotropic drug given to her by her rich, older boyfriend Howard. When he leaves town on business she invites the humanitarian, socially conscious Nate over to continue their secret affair. After the drugs kick in, Charlie and Nate are transported in their minds to a strangely sinister paradise. Psychotropical has been described as “an intensely directed, visually bombastic, cinematic film” and “intoxicatingly erotic, mixed with intense mystery”.


Future Sex (Short Film Program) – Saturday, September 9 – 6:30 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema


Director’s Biography

Liz Tabish is an award winning filmmaker and actress currently living in Austin, TX. She received her BA in English/Film Theory and MA in Theater/Directing from Oklahoma State University. Her directorial aesthetic is often lo-fi, experimental and guerrilla. Liz’s experience in acting lends a natural focus on seeking and capturing realism in her actor’s performances.

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