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SONATA is the second dance film in the Sex & Space Trilogy, exploring the intersection of pornography & choreography, after 2013’s Quintet – a choreopornographic experiment, & premiered at the Berlin Porn Film Festival 2015. SONATA focuses on musicality, phrasing, & combining voice & movement. It is a study of the body’s inside & outside, & features movement initiated from the digestive system, artsy costumes, & fruit.


Sexperimental Short Films – Saturday, September 9 – 4 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema


Director’s Biography

Hello. I’m David Bloom. I mostly make dance pieces. I also enjoy teaching, dancing in other folks’ projects, giving bodywork, telling fortunes, & making music.
I was born in Heidelberg, Germany, to a family from Brooklyn, NY. Now I live in Berlin with my tea collection.

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